My mum let me try on her things when I was a child. Jewelry is so fun to play with. The feel of the stones and the weight and immediate glamour of it was intoxicating. Also I love to collect things, jewelry holds weight, regardless of worth, and there are always stories to how you buy it.

  1. The oversized gold nail bracelet by Aldo Cipullo is from 1970 and it was my first present from my husband very early on in our relationship.
  2. The ring with a yellow sapphire and Demantoid Garnet by Hemmerle is my engagement ring.
  3. The lapis, gold and diamond earrings, that I gave myself as a 30th birthday present, are done by Fernando Jorge.
  4. The Cartier MAD watch was a Valentine’s Day present from my shop. Isn’t that sweet?
  5. A Rosa de la Cruz chain with my husband’s wedding band on it – he doesn’t wear jewelry so I keep in on a long chain that Rosa made for me.
  6. I was lucky to get two engagement rings. This one is a Victorian cut diamond in a 1930s setting.
  7. The Perspex and silver butterfly choker by Chloé is from the Phoebe Philo days – I wanted it desperately when I was 19 and when I eventually found it on eBay years later, my dad bought it for me as a present.