The „Round Ones“ by Berlin-based designer Lilian von Trapp are the hoop earrings that make our world go round at the moment! We love the idea of a simple gold creole earring that can be combined with any possible stud. Which is based on a pretty smart solution: Each hoop comes with a mini hole through which you can put either one of Lilian’s own creations – she offers studs in yellow, white or rose gold – or any stud you like to attach the hoop to your ear.

Casually elegant: Lilian von Trapp’s „Round Ones“, a clever combination of an attachable creole and a stud

Like the „Round Ones“, all of Lilian von Trapp’s creations stand for cool German minimalism, but also a strong focus on quality and sustainability. Born and raised in Berlin, the 30-year-old designer only started her label last January and has created some buzz since then. She exclusively works with recycled gold and diamonds from used jewelry for her elegant rings, necklaces and earrings. „There is a demand for ethical jewelry, but you have to introduce customers to the subject through good design“, she says.

All of Lilian’s pieces are manufactured in a Portuguese family business. She says that she does not want to make a living with toxic waste and human misery, the typical side effects of conventional precious metal and gemstone mining. „Recycled gold is as good as new gold. It’s a finite resource, just like diamonds. It came as obvious to me to work like this.“

Lilian wearing her „Round Ones“ in yellow gold with the „Ballsy Ones“ studs in white gold

Apart from the conscious heart of this young brand, we like the clean lines, the visible quality – and the fact that there is another new brand on the market which makes relatively affordable, beautiful fine jewelry.

The „Round Ones“, handcrafted in 14 carat recycled gold, are available from 390 Euro here