2018 marks the 35th anniversary of the legendary G-Shock model by Casio. The Japanese watch manufacturer celebrates the occasion accordingly, with the release of four new G-Shock DW-5600 models that are a tribute to the esthetical boldness of the 1980s. The DW-5600TB Throwback Series is based on the classic square case which resembles the original G-Shock DW-5000C, the first ever G-Shock model from 1983. Each one of the new models features a bold two-tone design with color combinations inspired by 1980s street fashion. The models include the black and yellow DW-5600TB-1, the red and white DW-5600TB-4A, the pink and light blue DW-5600TB-4B, and the purple and green DW-5600TB-6.


The Casio G-Shock was designed as a sporty men’s watch. Style it differently – and it becomes as girly as you want it to be!

Since 1983, the year Casio released their very first G-Shock model, the watch has been a constant hit. Designed as a robust, sporty men’s digital watch, it has proven a fashion staple with men and women alike, a unisex no-brainer when thinking of a reliable, affordable yet stylish time keeping instrument.

How to transform a sporty watch into a piece of jewelry

But does a sporty watch always have to be worn in sporty surroundings? We believe it should rather be the opposite (because opposites attract ect.). As much as we think that the super simple (and über classic) Casio F-91W goes pretty well with a LBD or any other elegant cocktail attire, we believe that the DW-5600TB Throwback Series, with ist strong Eighties esthetics, goes perfectly well with a neo-New Romantic look (think Madonna in her „Desperately Seeking Susan“ phase or Kirsten Dunst in Sofia Coppola’s „Marie Antoinette“ wearing Chucks with a Baroque taffeta dress).


Even Marie Antoinette might have loved the the pink and light blue G-Shock DW-5600TB-4B

Berlin-based art director and stylist Marina Melentieva and photographer and still-life specialist Caroline Fayette had similar thoughts when they received the watches they wanted to style and shoot for Daily Diamonds. The duo both love fake glamour and 1980s esthetics – bold contrasts (and personalities!) are their thing. When they showed us the final results of the shoot, we were completely stunned. Marina and Caroline had not only created a set where we would actually love to move in. They had also managed to combine cool watches with beautiful dresses and cute little accessories and our other important hobby: FOOD!! And not one sporty reminiscence in sight. We hope you love this shoot as much as we do!

Taffeta, white gloves and porcelain go really well with a plastic watch if it’s as cool as the Casio G-Shock. On view is the red and white DW-5600TB-4A

Marina and Caroline are people we definitely want to read (and see!) more about. So we have asked them a few questions about their inspirations for the shoot and how they happened to become such an amazing team.

What were your inspirations for this shoot, how did you put it together and how would you describe the final result?

Marina: The idea came through a photo book I recently bought. It’s a very intimate and yet accurate collection of photos a man had taken to document his secret love affair. In the fashion of a travel diary, he tried to capture every moment with hundreds of photos of his lover, her personal belongings, restaurant and hotel bills, notes, ect. This book inspired us to stage the shooting in a similar way, like a storyboard.

Caroline: The idea of this series came directly through the esthetics and the function of the object. With these watches, we wanted to travel esthetically in time. The colors of the watches have been the starting point of our series. The Eighties inspired style was the main inspiration. From that on, we decided to add a strong feminine touch and follow the line established by the product itself: profusion, exaggeration. These two words brought us naturally to the baroque period. The final product could be associated with the New Romantic period, the 1980s pop movement.

We think the red and white Casio G-Shock DW-5600TB-4A is as tasty (and pretty) as a really nice soupe de légumes

What came to your mind when you first saw the watches?

Caroline: To be honest, our first thought was: OMG! What are we gonna do with them!? We were expecting silver/gold/shiny objects to photograph and what we received were matte, colorful plastic watches. Once the shock was gone, we opened our minds and got very inspired!

Marina: 1980s!! The Eighties are one of my favorite sources of inspiration at the moment. But the task we had set ourselves was to forget everything we associate with this period of time and shoot something unexpected. The only link we decided to leave were the sparkles and the glare that was so characteristic of the photography back then.

How would you describe the style of your work?

Caroline: I always try to keep my work feminine, elegant and colorful.

Marina: I like to work with illusions, fake realities and always a mix of materials and eras. At the moment, I work a lot with references from the Eighties to millennial times combining them with perfectly rendered CGI-looking settings.

Never would have imagined to see a Casio G-Shock as part of a great jewelry collection? Here you go!

How did you happen to work together as a team?

Marina: I was curious about collaborating with Caroline. Turned out we have a similar sense of humor. And a similar way to express our ideas through still life photography. Our first photo series had the beautiful topic: femininity.

Caroline: Marina contacted me one day, offering to work together as our styles were matching. We did a first shooting that took the form of a jam session. We were so happy with the results that we decided to continue our collaboration.To be fair, we became friends following that experience. Our way of thinking is very in line and working together always feels great.

What do you like about styling and shooting still lifes?

Caroline: I have been a collector since a very young age. As far as I remember, every Sunday was spent on flea markets with my parents. I always believed that objects have souls; they carry stories. Hence my decision to specialize in still life photography. I could say that my work is dedicated to transcribing the identity of the objects I portray.

Marina: The great thing about shooting still life is that you have a stage, which you can create in a very intimate atmosphere. Originally I studied theater set design and there are actually some similarities to creating still life stories in a way that the most crucial things always happen during the preparation: while you collect your ideas, inspirations, materials and objects. In the end the spectator only gets to see the final picture but never what happens behind this illusion.

Never would have imagined to see one in a boudoir? We love to wear our G-Shocks with dramatic evening dresses!

All photos by Caroline Fayette. Art Direction and styling by Marina Melentieva.