We had a bit of a crush when we met them for the first time: Julie De Cuyper from Antwerp and Kris Ter-Ghazaryan from Boston have paired this cordial way with a certain girlboss attitude and a lets-do-it mentality, which drove us to meet the two mothers again (ladies, you may be curious, we have something cooking).

The two women got to know each other in Berlin, from where they run the online shop juulsjuuls. com for demi-fine designer jewellery with labels like Maria Tash from New York, Maria Black from Copenhagen or Nina Kastens from Hamburg. De Cuyper had originally founded the shop alone in 2015, and a year later she met Ter-Ghazaryan at a party – where else – who since then has brought along their entrepreneurial knowledge and her own jewellery, which they now sell together under the name “Juuls & Karats” and “Juuls & Friends”. “Juuls & Friends” are editions of creatives they know. The “Take out Love” pendant in the shape of a China snack box, for example, is from the Berlin make-up artist and influencer Stella von Senger, the lemon pendant “When Life Gives You Lemons” is designed by Berlin based street-style photographer Sandra Semburg – both delicious designs. Literally.