Jewelry designer Charlotte Lynggaard seems to have it all: The creative director of iconic Danish jewelry brand Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen has strikingly good looks, handsome children, a mind like a diamond and the abilities to just make whatever she wants to wear. Her private jewelry collection is a beautiful mix of her own luxurious designs for Ole Lynggaard (founded by her father 50 years ago), inherited and vintage pieces plus souvenirs from her travels around the globe.

‘I feel naked without gold’

For Charlotte, jewelry has to be irresistible, expressive and striking. She loves versatile and colorful designs – but more than anything (just like us!), she loves gold: ‘I feel naked without it’, she says. These are her favorite things from her jewelry box, in her own words.

The Monocle

This is a marvelous example of my father’s ingeniousness as a fine jewelry designer. My mother longed for a magnifying glass that would always be at hand, and my father was only too happy to accommodate her wishes with a golden interpretation of a practical classic.

Shooting Stars single earring

This collection allows you to create your own luck with tiny diamond stars. All styles from the Shooting Stars collection are amazing to combine with other styles for an expression of uncontrived luxury.

Blooming ring

I am increasingly fond of open rings. They show a little more skin, which adds aesthetic lightness to a piece of fine jewelry. In that sense, an open ring also creates a slightly bohemian expression. It’s effortlessly stylish, and the Blooming collection itself is an exquisite rendering of nature in full bloom.

Leaves Ring

This ring has a special meaning to me as I spent many years developing the first styles for the Leaves collection. The ring is wide, yet graceful and elegant, and it looks like a sculpture on the finger.

Vintage Bangles

I love browsing antique markets and shops when I travel. My vintage bangles and bracelets are all souvenirs from around the world, and they are a perfect contrast to fine jewelry. At the moment I am especially fond of the pale yellow vintage nuance of bone and bamboo.

We have always loved the fact that Charlotte Lynggaard is the perfect testimonial for her own brand. She not only models her pieces perfectly, it’s also her personality that shines through every piece she creates. As we believe that good jewelry is always personal, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen has always had a special place in our hearts.

So, thank you Charlotte for granting us a sneak peak into your jewelry box!