In terms of my relationship with jewelry I would say I’ve always loved jewelry. When I was little I was a bit of a magpie – anything shiny or detailed I was immediately drawn to. And when we visited my grandmothers, I used to love sneaking off to their bedrooms and looking through their jewellery boxes – it was like discovering a whole other world!

I think this is why I fell in love with watches so easily because they have this same story-telling element, all the detail and intricate work which I love, but they have the added intrigue of having a mechanical movement which comes to life when you wind it up – it really is magical. I think even the most simple mechanical movements are beautiful, and so that mechanical aesthetic is something which I try and bring into our pieces.

Regarding my own personal taste I like a mix of things – really strong designs and jewelry and watches which have a personal memory are my favorites. I’m not a „girlie“ kind of person – I prefer pieces with a bold shape, or color or interesting use of materials. I love pattern and detail and each piece I chose to wear usually has a strong design identity, sometimes with a distinctive link to the country or culture they come from.

To me a luxury piece of jewelry really comes down to the design and how it is made as much as the materials themselves. If you look at the pieces in my jewelry box, I think the telephone wire bracelet or the rope necklace are equally as fantastic as our watches or my sapphire earrings. It’s the innovative use of humble materials which makes these pieces so special, and I love to mix different pieces from different places – it’s like building your own story.

For example, our watches which start at 13.000 CHF sit really well alongside a simple pair of earrings or a bold necklace. As our pieces are unisex, my husband will wear the black version of the „Petit Skull“ watch on a thicker black strap with a simple sweater and jeans and it looks cool too. I love the fact that our watches are unisex, it’s all about the design and who it speaks to, and showing some personality!

About Fiona Krüger

Fiona’s handwriting might not be the easiest to read, but it definitely bears her distinctive style. The 33-year old Scottish watch designer created her jewelry box in the same way she designs her stunning Skull watches: The design process for every one of her pieces starts and evolves with the help of a generously-sized, moodboard-like notebook. All her inspirations will go into this book, from newspaper-cutouts to pictures of shapes and colors that caught her eye.

Fiona is not a traditional watchmaker, her approach to horlogerie is an artistic one. She studied art in Edinburgh and came across the world of haute horlogerie by studying for a master’s degree at renowned design school ECAL in Lausanne. There she came up with her first watch design that has since become her trademark: a watch in the shape of a skull – some would say a very friendly looking one.

When she thinks
 of a watch she thinks of a blank canvas, when she looks at a movement she sees a pattern, when she works with guillochage she’s working with light and shade. Because she’s not manufacturing her timepieces herself and has a strong collaborative approach, she has established a brilliant network of the best artisans and manufacturers in the Swiss watchmaking industry.

What’s more to love about Fiona Krüger: she designs her watches distinctively as unisex pieces. Especially the „Petit Skull“ model, the smaller version of her trademark skull watch, looks smashing and super elegant on a woman’s wrist. We would wear it everyday!