Valerie, jewelry expert and lover thinks: jewelry defines you more than any piece of clothing

I love jewellery because it is so personal, it sits on the skin, it often is gifted, it carries such a deep emotional value, but apart from that, the kind of jewellery I love is handmade, it requires true skill, great craftsmanship. I always feel that jewellery is like “the cherry on the cake”, it defines you more than any piece of clothing. I think you can tell a women from her jewellery. Yves Saint Laurent said you can tell a person from her/his shoes, but to me it is the jewellery that tells you the most about a person.


These pieces of jewelry come with me for the most part, they travel, I wear them often if not daily

My engagement ring is definitely my most treasured piece of jewellery, designed by my gorgeous friend, Vicki Sarge and given by my “now husband” after 15 years spent together.

Ioanna Souflia’s marble ring (the nose) was a huge crush, her jewellery really excites me. It is so contempary and sculptural.

The cheeky ring by Fernando Jorge (right corner of mouth), I commissioned, I loved the original design but was not keen on yellow gold and orange calcedony, I asked for my ring to “feel” colder, etheral and I love rock crystal, I wanted it to look more “alien”, weirder. I love that ring.

I Love to wear pinkie rings, I wear two, one by Foundrae (part of the left eye), it is electric blue, my favourite colour after black and the symbol is Karma, it is based on a cigar band design. There is something a little masculine about it. The other one I commissionned years ago from Ileana Makri.

My double pearl ring (middle of mouth) by Melanie Georgacopoulos… I wear often, it is actually comfortable, Melanie to me has made pearls cool again, I fell head over heels in love with her jewellery, she is the one who has brought back pearls and made them so contemporary. She now designs for Tasaki and her creations are out of this world.

I always love to wear pieces by Delfina Delettrez, they are fun, playful. I often wear a ring by Delfina with a pearl and an amethyst (left eye) with a small band black and yellow polka dots (also left eye)  by Alice Cicolini, one of my favourite designers. I have just commissionned for my birthday a new ring from her, it has electric blue enamel motifs and an iolite stone!

I love unconventional materials in jewellery and to me Monique Pean is another big favourite, love her jewellery, I love her rings the most and wear my enchanted walrus signet ring often.

I mix a lot of pretty slim bangles and bracelets (the ears), I love the little sound they make on my wrists.

These assymetric hoop earrings (the earrings on the ears) by Kova, I think are a genius design. They look great, the asymmetry is very subtle.