Who I am, what I do and why I love jewelry.

Hi! I’m Maria Oliveira, an entrepreneur and activist living in Austin, Texas. I am a co-founder of Passport Vintage, a brick and mortar vintage shop that focuses on vintage denim. I also am a co-hosts of Laissez Fair, Austin’s largest premium vintage market and an activist and member of Jolt, an organization focused on building the power of Latinos politically in Texas.

Smooth as silk, cool as air: Maria Elena Oliveira is the co-owner of Passport – an Austin (Texas) based vintage shop with a focus on, as they call it: “Vintage Jeans For Modern Butts”. She is an activist, too and, very important, a jewelry lover!

Jewelry as a lucky charm and part of the personality

I love jewelry because I feel like I get to wear omens and special pieces that give me reminders every day, plus they make me feel good! A piece of jewelry really makes me feel special and helps me tie up an outfit.

I am pretty intentional with the pieces I wear and have only recently started to invest in nicer ones. I spent many years of my life not wearing any jewelry at all! Like, zero. As of the past few years I have recently rediscovered my love for jewelry and am lucky to be in Austin where some of my favorite designers are!

Thank God Maria has recently rediscovered her love for jewelry. This is her personal Top Five. Want to see her in action? Click here!

Pieces in photos from left to right:

Silver earrings with pearl drop by Vada Jewelry

LOVE these earrings, I am on my third set of them because I misplaced them twice and REFUSE to live without them. I love that I can removed the pearl drops and wear them just as hoops if I chose. These are classics, can be worn with any outfit. I am saving up to buy the gold set!

Get it here.


Vintage gold ring with emerald stone

Given to me by a family member because they know I love emeralds. They remind me of Elizabeth Taylor – and this is what I’m striving for. I am getting the ring resized by Vada Jewelry, to be able to wear it on my middle finder. I have worn it as a necklace or on my pinky before. 


19th century gold snake charm with emerald stone

This was a present to myself that I bought from Vada Jewelry. It is super special to me. I have a snake phobia, hahah so wearing a gold 19th century snake with an emerald eye reminds me to face my fears every day!


Vintage pearl earrings

I bought these at a thrift store in Houston, Texas and repaired them myself, one of the pearls needed to be replaced. I love these earrings and wear them only in special occasions. 


Golden “M” necklace by Amanda Deer

I’ve always been wanting a name necklace saying “Maria” (and I will get one eventually!) – just like the one Carrie Bradshaw used to wear in Sex and the City. But I also really love my “M” necklace by Amanda Deer. She’s also an Austin based jewelry designer and I love her dainty pieces a lot.

Get it here.

Maria, you’ve gotta see her! Watch her video for Daily Diamonds! Or check her out on Instagram