If we could only be a shell!

Before we tell you why we love the Shell jewelry collection by Wald Berlin, let us tell you, why we love shells in general. Or, a bit more poetic maybe, why it could be a life goal to become a shell. Correct! We would have an easygoing life at the bottom of the sea (or a river), that can last up to 500 years. It’s true! That’s how old the creatures with the two-piece calcareous shell can become under certain circumstances. But that’s not all.

Bivalvias, as they are being called in science, can also produce pearls, serve as food, symbolize love, erotic desire and beauty in art and mythology, and create the sound of the sea – although strictly speaking this is an unromantic phenomenon generated by an air column inside the shell and by the frequency of hardly noticeable sounds in the environment that cause a vibration in the shell.


Enchanting like dusk: Lorraine is wearing the shell necklaces Juicy and Drop It Like It’s Hot with two natural pearls by Wald Berlin and some natural light. No filter needed! Isn’t that fresh?

Hurry up, the Wald Berlin jewels might “shell out” quickly

But enough of science. Because above all, the shell can adorn us. And it has been doing that for a long time now. There are finds from graves in France of shells, which were clearly prepared with holes for jewelry and are dated to the time as early as 7575 before Christ. In many cultures, such as the indigenous peoples of North America, mussels were considered so valuable because of their rarity that they were used as currency. The English expression “shell out” for “pay” can be traced back to such shell currencies.


Shell jewelry is like sunshine. Only better. Because you can wear it around the year. Mira chose the necklaces Gin And Juice with a Swarovski stone and So Far To Go with two Swarovski stones plus the earring Drop It Like It‘s Hot with two natural pearls that she hooked into her own golden hoop – a souvenir from Israel

Unique as a woman

Quite new, however, is a jewelry collection from the label Wald Berlin, which focuses on a certain naturalness and therefore also on shells. The 19 pieces – necklaces, earrings, anklets and bracelets – are made out of natural shells, freshwater pearls, sterling silver and gold-plated brass and, most importantly, they are all handmade in Berlin and ultimately unique. Because every shell is different. Just like the woman who wears it later on.

Want to see the jewels in action? Why don’t you check out our magical video that we shot in an enchanting part of Brandenburg?