Ever since I was a child I have been afraid of two things:

1. That some clumsy schoolmate would accidently rip out my earrings, making my earlobes look like the tip of a snakes tongue (ahhhhh, it still gives me the creeps writing it down).

2. That due to gravity heavy earrings would elongate my earlobes over the years, leaving two hollow slits behind like the eyes of an evil ghost (it makes me shiver, every time I detect those on elderly ladies). I can proudly claim, that thanks to my technique of only wearing very small earrings, my earlobes still look like the ones of a fifteen year old (sorry, sometimes you need to brag).

Apart from the danger heavy earrings bring to the earlobes, their pure looks make me feel dizzy. Whenever someone is talking to me with, lets say: big hoop earrings, the dangling movement distracts me this much, I do not feel able to follow the conversation properly anymore. In a way I feel forced to stare at the rhythmic back-and-forth-movement of the jewellery, which mesmerizes me.

Whenever I do feel the need of wearing something bigger (and I do that regularly), I choose clip-ons (vintage Chanel is always a good choice). Otherwise I prefer small studs and hoops manly in yellow gold. Here are my favorite ones.

First ghost-stone

The small hoop earrings with engraved little stars were a present from my host family, when I spent a year in the states as a teenager. They are only 8K gold and have probably been bought at  Walmart or Target, but I love them a lot and I adorn them from time to time with pendants like the small vintage cross I found at a pawn shop in Berlin. The mouth of the ghost is a small star stud out of white gold and diamond from the french jeweler Chantal Simard. The second one sits in the eye of the owl (second stone).

Second owl-stone

The beak of the owl is an custom made mono-earring. I have inherited it from my mother. Her friend Maja Lüdi, a goldsmith from Zürich, has done it for her in the 80s using materials from an old family piece my mother had inherited herself. Maja still does amazing pieces, she repairs and reworks vintage jewels. I also have the matching ring, that I will show you some other time.

Third ghost-stone

The studs (eyes) again are a gift from my host family. They where part of a set with the small hoops. They are also engraved and I have worn them so many times. The mouth is an ear hugger with diamond pavé from the Munich based jewelry brand Cada. I have met the married couple who is doing the jewelry and I believe they are great creative minds and very friendly people (the second hoop is the mouth of the fourth ghost). I received the earrings from my husband as a gift for our fifth wedding anniversary.

Fourth ghost-stone

His eyes are two different stud earrings done by Brazilian brand H.Stern. I love the organic shapes they are doing. With the left one you can remove the dangling diamond and wear the star separately. The other one consists of two leaves that move slightly. Unfortunately the house has decided to stop doing business in Europe (why, oh why?!). The nose is a mono earring I have inherited also from my mother. Her friend Maja Lüdi did it for her as well.

Fifth frowning ghost

I have chased this error shaped mono earring with diamonds by Loren Stewart for several weeks. It was always sold out and it drove me crazy, I wanted it so badly. In the end I found it on Matchesfashion. Ever since I have received it, I have been wearing it on my left ear almost every day and I have received many compliments for it. Yes, even from guys!