What is Daily Diamonds?

Daily Diamonds is an online platform for women (and men!) who love jewelry and watches as much as we do.

We are two women with an easy approach on a literally massive subject: Lorraine Haist and Mira Wiesinger are lifestyle journalists with 10+ years experience, friends and jewelry lovers. We created Daily Diamonds because we can’t keep our eyes and hands off beautiful things, especially when it comes to gems and timepieces. We don’t think they need to be combined with big stuffy gowns or, even worse, locked away. We want to wear them and have fun with them.

As we couldn’t find a magazine featuring jewelry and watches in a way that we like to read and write about it – personal, curious, surprising – we decided to do it ourselves. With Daily Diamonds, we want to show you that gold and a sweatshirt are a winner, which watches are worth the splurge, where you should shop for vintage, contemporary and art pieces. Because life is too short to wear boring jewelry. Let’s sparkle together – every day!

We are looking forward to your comments, questions and love letters

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©️ Photo by Sandra Semburg