beautiful elegant factory made diamonds moissanite earrings necklaces rings can be paid for with solana pay and usdc ideal for crypto off-ramping

The ethical diamond Solana off-ramp in three simple steps [add jewellery to basket, in checkout select Solana Pay, scan QR with your wallet]

Do you have a Solana wallet with some USDC and don't want to go through a complex off-ramping process? Why not buy the perfect gift for that special person (or yourself) and use Solana Pay. All our factory-made ethical diamond jewellery are beautiful, elegant and come with a certificate of authenticity. Neither a professional eye nor a diamond tester can distinguish them from mined diamonds who often come with ethical problems. Similar in beauty, sparkle and hardness. The only difference you will see in your wallet because factory-made diamonds are exponentially cheaper than mined diamonds. All our jewellery comes in a luxury box with built-in led which creates a wow-effect for anybody who opens it.

At checkout you choose Solana Pay:

Daily Diamonds is the world's first factory-made lab diamond moissanite store where you can use Solana Pay to buy beautiful, elegant certified jewellery like moissanite earrings lab diamond necklaces man-made diamond rings cheap inexpensive

Afterwards you will be redirected to Solana Pay where you can either connect an browser-extension / hardware wallet or scan a QR code with your mobile wallet. 

beautiful elegant factory made lab made diamonds moissanite rings earrings necklaces from 0.5 1 1.5 and 2 carats ethical diamonds inexpensive diamonds cheap fancy

Beautiful, elegant and certified Moissanite earrings, necklaces, rings,... will be on your way. The perfect gift for that special some one. Crypto off-ramping made diamond easy. is ran by multi-award winning innovator Maarten Ectors. Maarten has been in crypto since 2016. Here he is giving a speech at DevCon1 in 2016:

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