Ethical Factory-Made Diamonds

Daily Diamonds sells factory-made diamonds, technically Moissanite, for daily use. Visually and via a diamond tester they cannot be distinguished from mined diamonds. Mined diamonds are just too expensive for most and often involve unethical practises. Daily Diamonds are ethical diamonds which get produced in factories by industrial machinery under extreme pressure and heat. Their hardness, sparkle and purity are similar if not better than mined diamonds. They are the ideal gift for when you are looking for presents for your partner, a friend, family member or yourself. If you want elegant, stylish and impressive but don't want to break the bank, ethical diamonds are for you.
Ethical diamonds for(ever)y day.

Penny Power OBE is wearing beautiful elegant and refined diamond moissanite earrings which are factory-made and as such ethical and inexpensive

OBE Wearing daily diamonds

Penny Power OBE

Penny is most famous for Ecademy, the first social network for business people, created in 1998, it became a global, beautiful online and offline home for over 650,000 business owners. She was awarded an OBE in 2014. Penny is wearing daily diamonds.

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Mindy is wearing beautiful stylish and elegant moissanite lab factory-made diamond earrings for that special occasion

TEDx Speaker wearing Daily Diamonds

Mindy Gibbens-Klein

Mindy is a TEDx speaker, author of The Thoughful Leader and 13 other books and is wearing Daily Diamonds.

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Joy was totally surprised by the elegant stylish beautiful factory-made moissanite lab diamond earrings she got from maarten ectors

Attend an event and get diamonds

Joy Thompson

Joy was sitting on the first row during an event and got offered Daily Diamonds by surprise.

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